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Latham Smith founded Smith Maritime in 1968 when he built his first oceangoing boat, the Tug Elsbeth.


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Our tugs are designed with maximum horsepower packaged in as shallow draft and stable a hull as nature allows. 

Projects &

View some of our projects to see how Smith Maritime has proven to be the choice for challenges of all sizes.

Our Services

Smith Maritime's vessels operate primarily between the U.S., the Caribbean & South America. More recently to several ports in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea & Pacific Northwest. Our history is one of dedicated service with a superior loss record.  

Our services include ocean and coastal towing, pipe & cable laying, submersible operations, cargo & dredge ops, demolition, harbor, anchor and buoy handling, and most exciting of all, salvage and rescue.

Ship Towing Salvage
Semi-Submersible Transport (FLO/FLO) Cargo Transport
Oil Field Support with tugs & barges Derrick Barge Heavy Lifts



Take a closer look at our tugs and barges by visiting our vessels page.


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