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Over the years, Smith Maritime has done extensive towing work for the US Navy, Marad, Commercial Shipowners, and numerous dredging and construction companies. Captain Latham Smith’s hull designs and architectural ideas have always been successful. We have owned and operated numerous Semi-Submersible Barges over the years and the Captain has extensive knowledge of FLOAT ON / FLOAT OFF hydrodynamics.

Smith Maritime offers towing and salvaging services for tugs and barges worldwide. Projects such as the USS RAZORBACK, gained Smith Maritime international recognition when towing the ex-Navy submarine, from Istanbul, Turkey to Arkansas to become a museum. Smith Maritime has also been involved in many reef rebuilding projects such as the sinking of the USS VANDENBURG off the coast of Key West, FL. Smith Maritime collaborating with TITAN and T&T Salvage received world attention while salvaging the bulk carrier M/V OCEAN BREEZE off the coast of Chile. Tows such as the tandem towing, or towing BOTH at once, to return former US Navy vessels USS FAIRFAX COUNTY and the USS SAGINAW 9,000 miles from Australia to the USA have helped Smith Maritime’s reputation grow throughout the maritime community.

We continue to build this reputation in the worldwide maritime market and we have worked successfully with many clients including: Bechtel, Dynamic Industries, McDermott, Shell, Bisso Marine, Rowan Industries, Horizon Offshore, Global Industries, Titan Maritime, Smit Salvage, Weeks Marine, Great Lakes Dredging, Saipem, Chevron, T&T Salvage, ESCO Marine, and Southern Recycling, as well as London Brokers representing the insurance industry on towing “broke downs” safely to port from mid-ocean and off the rocks.

Smith Maritime

Latham Smith founded Smith Maritime in 1968 when he built his first oceangoing boat, the Tug Elsbeth.


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Our tugs are designed with maximum horsepower packaged in as shallow draft and stable a hull as nature allows. 

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