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Dixie Driver

The Dixie Driver is a workhorse with a 300 ton lifting capacity and improved quarters for service personnel. The barge is equipped with a 4 point mooring system for use in water depths beyond the capacity of the spud system. This vessel has an established reputation in the Gulf platform salvage market for the past 25 years. Experienced personnel, innovative techniques and strong project management provide the customer with security in utilizing this barge for all shallow water salvage projects. It also does heavy lift jobs along the U.S. Gulf Coast for many clients between salvages.


Year Built Built 1979 / Rebuilt 1985/2006
Official Number 610175
US Flag


150' LOA x 74' Beam x 9' Depth
GRT 478
NRT 478


A Frame Derrick 300 Tons
15 Ton Type 30 Hydraulic Crane with 60ft Boom on Stern
2 x 400 Amp electric welding machines
1 x 30k (13.60 tons) Lantec hydraulic tugger
2x20k (9 tons) hydraulic tuggers Geramatic (jib tuggers)
1 x Quincy control air compressor
1 x 750 cfm deck air compressor
2 x 4k (1.8 tons) air tuggers
3 x 10k (4.5 tons) air tuggers
2 x Amcom 270 winches for 2 100 T. lifing blocks
Crane Smart electronic load and anti-too block system


Clear deck space 2163 Sq Ft (200.95 Sq Meters)
Water Ballast Tanks 204,000 Gallons (772,224 Liters)
Potable water 44,000 Gallons (166,558 Liters)
Fuel 1,000 Gallons (12,870 Liters)


Four-point mooring system
2 x American double drum with 1 1/8 in (28.77 mm) x 2200 Ft (670.5 meters)
4 x Danfourth 10,000 lb (4.54 tons)
Spud System
2 x Spuds capable of spudding down -30fsw(9.14msw) or less
  2 x 10k (9 tons) hydraulic tuggers to raise or lower spuds


2 x Deutz 120HP 120 kw Model 1013E


Galley seats approx. 12 personnel
24 berhts available for crew and charter complement


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